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Monday, 27.01.2020
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The Erasmus Exchange Programme is a European Union education and training programme which aims to increase the quality of higher education in Europe.  For this purpose, the Programme promotes the co-operations between higher education institutions in Europe by enabling the transition of students for one or two semesters and academic and administrative staff for the time period required by the activity they apply to participate respectively in education, internship, and teaching.  The partnerships and mobility activities are financially supported by the Programme. The programme in Turkey, is carried out by Turkish National Agency under The Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes.

Many studies show that a period spent abroad not only enriches students' lives in the academic and professional fields, but can also improve language learning, intercultural skills, self-reliance and self-awareness. Their experiences give students a better sense of what it means to be a European citizen. In addition, many employers highly value such a period abroad, which increases the students' employability and job prospects.